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The PGO Group (The Polish Foundry Group plc), which includes Pioma Foundry Sp. o.o, Śrem Cast Iron Foundry S.A. and Glinik Forge Sp. o.o, and from today Kopex Foundry Sp. o.o. has become Poland’s largest industrial group specialising in the production of castings and forgings.  Through its ability to achieve the highest industry standards and global requirements, the Group has been able to successfully operate in both domestic and international markets.  PGO is part of TDJ, a private Polish investment firm operating in various sectors of the economy.


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Our manufacturers (Odlewnia Żeliwa Śrem, Pioma-Odlewnia, Kuźnia Glinik) ensure a comprehensive performance of contracts, from development of technological designs of castings and forgings to production or adaptation of patterns, selection of the alloy grade, production, machining, heat treatment to testing of the finished product.






The Management Board of Grupa PGO presents the PGO Strategy for 2017-2020

“The PGO Strategy responds to the needs and expectations of all current and future customers, business partners, investors and shareholders, who expect predictability and stable development from the group. It also (…)

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Dariusz Ginalski, PGO CEO, a interview for wnp.pl

Dariusz Ginalski,  PGO CEO, a interview for (…)

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Subsequent scholarship foundation TDJ

The latest scholarships to study in the UK and USA have just been awarded by Poland’s TDJ Foundation Three children of TDJ employees have been awarded a year-long scholarship to further their education abroad as (…)

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TDJ jako “Ten, który zmienia polski przemysł”

Forum Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł oraz towarzysząca mu gala przyznania tytułów "Tego, który zmienia polski przemysł", na stałe wpisały się w kalendarz lutego jako cykliczne spotkanie liderów polskiego (…)

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