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Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A. (Polish Foundry Group plc), the Group Parent Company develops strategic plans, oversees and directs its Operating Companies, Odlewnia Żeliwa Śrem S.A. (Śrem Iron Foundry plc), Pioma-Odlewnia Sp. z o.o. (Pioma Steel Foundry Ltd) and Kuźnia Glinik Sp. z o.o. (Glinik Forging Shop Ltd). It also provides shared support services such as advisory, administrative, accounting, HR and payroll and marketing.

Our Operating Companies focus on all casting and forging design and manufacturing related activities, including product design and alloy selection; in-house mold, die and tool design and fabrication; casting and forgings production, heat treatment, rough and finish machining and quality control and assurance. The Operating Companies have a strong culture of continuous improvement and utilize many progressive tools such as lean, six sigma, employee involvement and visual management systems.

Product offering

Iron castings


Iron castings are made of the following material grades:

  • grey cast iron,
  • nodular cast iron,
  • nodular cast iron with guaranteed impact resistance properties,
  • alloy cast iron,
  • abrasion resistant cast iron,
  • high-alloy cast iron,
  • low-alloy cast iron.

Iron castings are produced in sizes ranging from 0.5 kg to 30 MT and are supplied to many industries for applications such as brake drums, compressor bodies, engine blocks and housings, gearboxes, processing machines, counterweights, cylinders, pumps and valve flanges, industrial valves and turbine housings.

Total annual capacity is 60,000 MT of castings.

Steel castings

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The steel castings are made of the following material grades:

  • structural carbon steel,
  • abrasion resistant structural alloy steel (including high-manganese and high-chromium),
  • heat-resistant steel,
  • low-alloy steel.

Steel castings are produced in sizes ranging from 5 kg to 5 MT and are supplied for applications such as mining and construction machine components, industrial fixtures, gear wheels, gearboxes, track line gears, and other machine and equipment parts.

Total annual capacity is 11,000 MT.

Impression (closed -die) and open-die forgings


Forgings are made of the following material grades:

  • unalloyed steel
  • alloyed steel
  • non-ferrous alloys

Forgings are manufactured in a weight range from 0.20 kg to 150 kg (impression die), and from 0.50 kg to 8 MT (open die) and are supplied for applications such as mining equipment, ship engines, railway wagons, agriculture and automotive components, gearbox shafts and wheels, Oil & Gas drill bit bodies.

Total annual capacity is 15,000

Our castings and forgings can be supplied with a certificate of analysis stating their chemical composition, mechanical properties, as well as the results of non-destructive and metallographic tests as per customer requirements.


In addition to the production of castings and forgings, our range of services provided to external customers also includes:

  • design, production and adjustment of wooden, resin and metal patterns for casting
  • design and manufacturing of dies for forging
  • mechanical machining
  • heat treatment (stress relieving, normalisation, hardening, softening, annealing, quenching and tempering)
  • lab services (chemical composition analysis, quality assessment, strength and metallographic test).

Commitment to the Future Business, Our Employees, The Environment

Over the past 3 years PGO has invested €27 M to upgrade manufacturing equipment, safety and environmental controls and employee training programs to sustain our business, prepare for future growth and to better our employee base. These investments will all lead to PGO being a more reliable, long term, competitive partner for your casting and forging needs.


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