PGO connects sailing, art and molding, how?

In June, the PGO Group and the Pomeranian Sailing Association announced the winners of the competition for the creation of a statuette model, which will be received by winners within for the first time organized in Poland European Sailing Championship „Dr Irena Eris ORC European Championship Gdańsk 2017 ’’. Into the make-up of the jury assessing reported works representatives of four Polish Academies of Fine Arts from Cracow, Łódź , Warsaw and Gdańsk and representatives of organisers. The winner of the competition was Mrs. Edyta Szalewska from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, and the winning statue was made in our Group of Foundry Żeliwa Śrem. According to the designer her model is an artistic reproduction of the sails, the surface of the canvas, the proverbial ‘’sail wind’’ but also the silhouette of the sailor and its relation to the yacht.
For sailing fans, the ORC European Championship is what the Euro for football fans. This will be one of the biggest events of the upcoming season on the polish coast. There are already 92 crews from 13 countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Sweden), including 20 Polish crews. More than 800 sailors will participate in the competition


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