Career at PGO Group

PGO Group is a progressive and growing organization which regularly recruits talented personalities who seek interesting work in a dynamic and successful team.

Our Group employs both experienced individuals as well as those who are just starting their careers.

We concentrate on cooperation and development between our team members. We encourage internal sharing of knowledge and experiences and our team members learn best management practices from each other. Our Group Leaders focus on integration and motivation while supporting skills development and professional ambitions of employees.

We operate under a set of strong values and principles which include cooperation, ethical standards, respect for human rights and dignity.

In the area of human resource management we utilize modern tools (evaluation systems, program staff development projects), and strive to be a leading edge employer to attract and retain high performing individuals.

Our view is that most of us are looking not just for employment, but also a challenging environment with interesting projects and professional development opportunities that improve our competence in professional and managerial areas.

In addition to internal development, each PGO employee has the opportunity for external personal development. An example of this is our postgraduate studies program ( the Silesian University of Technology which cooperates with PGO Group).
Our strong belief is that employees increase their effectiveness and value to the organization through participation in our company development programs.
If you would like an opportunity to join our dynamic team and efficiently use and grow your professional abilities and share our values, we invite you to submit your application.


You can find a position in our company at any level in the organizational structure, primarily in the following areas:

Human resources management


Piotrkow Trybunalski
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