As part of our activities in the area of corporate social responsibility, PGO Group Companies actively support the actions and the mission of the TDJ Foundation for Education and Development.

The guiding principles of the TDJ Foundation for Education and Development focus on investing in knowledge, values and human potential, which brings great benefits to society.

Therefore, PGO not only invests in the development of its employees but, more importantly, focuses on supporting children and young students attending school and thus invests in future generations.

The goals of the TDJ Foundation for Education and Development:

  • social, educational and charity activity aimed at supporting children and youth attending school by means of providing them with favourable conditions for spiritual, psychological, intellectual and physical growth.
  • initiating and implementing programmes aimed at providing children and youth attending school with equal opportunities of comprehensive development,
  • conducting educational activities for children and youth aimed at increasing their level of education and development of interests, as well as supporting parents and guardians in the process of upbringing and education,
  • providing support in finding and maintaining employment by youth attending school,
  • initiating and conducting activities in the area of environmental protection, as well as sports and physical education,
  • supporting the development of rural and municipal communities as well as local neighborhoods in the process of developing social, housing, tourist, economic, sports and cultural facilities,
  • supporting the development of technology, inventions and innovation, as well as promotion and implementation of new technological solutions into business practice,
  • maintaining and promoting national traditions, cultivating Polish identity and developing national, civil and cultural awareness,
  • activities for the benefit of national and ethnic minorities and local languages,
  • activities in the field of health protection and promoting healthy lifestyles,
  • activities for the benefit of people with disabilities,
  • promoting employment and employing the unemployed and people in risk of redundancy,
  • supporting economic growth, including the development of entrepreneurship,
  • supporting and organizing leisure programs for children and youth,
  • cultural activity in the area of preserving national heritage,
  • supporting and organizing tourist and sightseeing programmes,
  • providing support and assistance to victims of disasters, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars both in Poland and abroad,
  • activities aimed at promoting the Republic of Poland abroad,
  • activities for the benefit of non-governmental organizations and entities listed in article 3 section 3 of the Act of 24 April 2013 on public benefit activities and volunteer work within the scope of par. 1-18 hereabove.


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